We believe in serving others – in our communities, in our nation, and in our world. Each month, we highlight one of our partner ministries, supporting them financially and with our time and effort.

Involvement in Family Promise of Grand Rapids

Community Exercise Classes for Moms

Abney Angels

Serving the Church at Mayfair

If you love meeting new people and want to help them make new connections, consider joining our connect team and serving the church at Mayfair. If you are at ease navigating various social media platforms, we need you. If you enjoy serving faithfully in the background, there’s a place on this team for you, too. Express your interest to join this team by talking to Pastor Elaine.

this month's highlighted ministry:


Dégagé is a ministry in downtown Grand Rapids that reaches out to the poor and homeless. They walk alongside those who are in transition or hardship, hoping to show them that they are not alone. Several times a year, Mayfair volunteers during bingo nights at Dégagé in order to get to know the community, and to support their ministry. Additionally, Mayfair has recently begun offering “Voucher Cards” to the people in the congregation. These cards are worth $2 and can be redeemed at Dégagé for needs such as food or a shower. We want to empower those who feel powerless, and offer support in a way that is self-sustaining. We want to highlight available resources in Grand Rapids that offer support in ways people need. 

North End Community Ministry focuses on serving our surrounding community, by providing programs and services to equip our neighbors with practical skills and encourage a quality lifestyle for those in need.

Kids’ Life Bible Clubs (KLBC) is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian organization that brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to elementary school children in the West Michigan area through after-school Bible Clubs.


KLBC’s program is ready made for churches seeking a way to effectively reach out into their neighborhood. The primary door of opportunity for effectively reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ is during the pre-teen years.

Kids’ Food Basket is a local nonprofit organization attacking childhood hunger to help young people learn and live well. They began over ten years ago by serving 125 kids each school day through their Sack Supper program and now serve nearly 7,000 kids each weekday in West Michigan. Sack Suppers are evening meals that provide a well-rounded nutritious meal —nutrition that’s critical to the development of kids’ brains and bodies. Click here for more information.

The Luke Society provides resources and support for international Christian health visionaries passionate about ministering to needs in their own cultures. Our ministry empowers nationals to share the saving grace of the Gospel through preaching, teaching and healing. Read more about who they are and what they do here.


The Table is a unique movement of missional communities in multiple Denver neighborhoods. The Table expresses their values in their work in urban farming, in their neighborhoods through community meals, and in lively conversation in multiple venues. They aim to help people eat well, experience life-giving and authentic community, and explore the depth and breadth of the grace of Jesus Christ.

AJS supports efforts in Honduras that promote the interests of the most poor in legislative projects, defend the rights of the most vulnerable in judicial processes, increase the awareness and democratic participation of churches to practice the Biblical teachings on justice, and publish journalistic investigations on issues that affect the poor of Honduras.These projects are generally implemented by Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa (AJS-Honduras), Their partner organization in Honduras.

Mayfair Chuch has a sister church in the village of Cañada Galana, Honduras. Recently, the Galana Coffee Company was founded to develop sustainable income for the coffee farmers of Cañada Galana. Click here for more information about Cañada Galana and Mayfair, and click here to visit the Galana Coffee Company’s website, where you can learn more about this effort and purchase Galana coffee.

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